De Ville Asset Management Limited (De Ville) is a successful distressed asset management firm based in the Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas area. De Ville is in the business of managing the recovery of charged-off consumer loans and accounts receivable originated by top-tier credit grantors. The Company has earned a reputation as a reliable and compliant Servicer of defaulted consumer receivables portfolios.

Analytics & Scoring of Portfolios – De Ville makes extensive use of scoring based valuation benchmarks and has an in-depth ability to stratify accounts for the purpose of allocating collections resources in proportion to expected collections. The output of the scoring process is a ranking of accounts by predicted collectability. The general applicability of De Ville’s scoring approach provides a competitive advantage since it can accurately evaluate portfolios with a broad mix of account attributes.

Legal Collection Process – The business model of De Ville is a long-term collection effort approach focused heavily on legal collections. With the assistance from a select group of national legal networks, the Company performs an extensive review and analysis of its inventory. The accounts deemed as “suit worthy” are outsourced to six legal networks. All other accounts are outsourced to ten call center servicing agents. De Ville has institutionalized its legal collection processes and procedures and has secured a solid network of collection attorneys which covers the entire U.S. The Company feels it has refined and perfected the methodology for selecting accounts that produce high returns via their legal model.

Technology Platform Overview – To complement its scoring capabilities, De Ville utilizes sophisticated data warehouse and analysis software and has developed proprietary decision support software tools for use in collection operations. To accommodate its software development needs, the Company maintains in-house programming expertise. The debt servicing software is routinely monitored for necessary upgrades and enhancements required for ongoing business needs and advancements.