Riverwalk Capital Investments, Inc. (Riverwalk Capital) is based in the Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas area and has an executive management team with over 25 years of combined industry experience. The Company is in the business of acquiring asset pools originated by national banks and retail credit providers for the purpose of generating income and cash flow from the management, collection and, on an opportunistic basis, the sale of these assets.

The business model of Riverwalk Capital is a “buy and hold” approach heavily focused on legal collections. An extensive review and analysis of potential purchases of asset pools of accounts is undertaken by the Company with assistance from a select group of national legal networks. The outsourced Legal Network is well tested and well monitored. Few debt buyers focus on this niche of the debt industry.

Riverwalk Capital has developed a complex pricing model that is specific to the debt buying industry. This model allows the Company to focus precisely on portfolios that generate exceptional returns through its legal collection process. We have also established a Media Management System in which media is digitized into the system. This allows for quick production of media to legal firms, which in turn translates to successful conversions of accounts into voluntary paying accounts and/or judgments. Under the guidance of an experienced management team, the Company has cultivated excellent relationships with recognized industry leaders, blue chip creditors and reputable debt buyer partners.